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Testimonials from Tennyson Lake Dental's Patients

Becky S. - Plano, Texas

"I had my veneers done after years of grinding my teeth. It always bothered me when I smiled and even when I talked to others. I would always wonder if they were thinking that my teeth looked awful. I was so excited at the results!! I get so many compliments, and I feel like I can smile with confidence now. Dr. Hildago and his staff were wonderful and made this process well worth it!!!!"

Claude W. - Plano, Texas

"From the first appointment Dr Hidalgo and everyone on his staff really took the time to explain the process. It was more then just getting new teeth. I couldn't be happier with the attention to detail and professionalism I received in Dr. Hidalgo's office. I didn't feel like a number, I felt like I was the ONLY one. If you are looking for a dentist who shows a personal interest in you, Dr. Hidalgo is the dentist for you."

Sandra A. - Plano, Texas

"I am greatly enjoying my new smile from Dr. J. I no longer take ibuprofen or other pain medication every morning when I wake up. Bioesthetic dentistry has improved the quality of life I experienced by at least 100%. Not to mention that I now smile naturally with my teeth showing. Thank you Dr. Jay!"

Tom L.

"I have had some-long term problems with my dentures and was discouraged by eating and some appearance problems. Dr. Hidalgo and his staff exceeded professionalism with both careful and precise building of my new dentures. Evidence of the great care I received was the fact they had me bring pictures of my face as a young man to restore proper fitting and build the dentures to correctly reshape my lower face. Staff was great, friendly, fun and attentive. Time was no issue, it took four months to do it right."


"What a great experience working with you all! My new smile has been a long time coming (68 years!), but I plan to use it often and make up for lost time! You guys are not only true professionals, but it's obvious you all enjoy coming to work every day too."

Richard H.

"I would like to share with everyone the wonderful experience and care given to me by Dr. Hidalgo and his team of professionals. For years, through sports and my natural bite, I had teeth that were chipped and a smile that was not perfect. I became even more self-conscious of this fact in dealing with people at my work place, in business meetings, and in social settings. It was time for me to seek some dental advice.

I was a patient of Dr. Hidalgo for about 2 years and am very pleased with his approach to my dental care. I discussed with Dr. Hidalgo my situation and my desire to improve my bite and smile. It's important to me to have a healthy and bright smile. Dr. Hidalgo then discussed Bioesthetic dentistry with me and its approach toward improving my dental health and providing the smile I always wanted. Dr. Hidalgo and his team then gave me a variety of dental options and price points; explaining all of the procedures with me thoroughly. After understanding the options I had, my decision was to have a full set of crowns through Bioesthetic dentistry.

Over a period of months, Dr. Hidalgo and his team went to work transforming my bite and smile. From the moment the process began, Dr. Hidalgo and his team went out of their way to ensure my comfort and satisfaction of treatment. And I was satisfied. The final result: My teeth are so natural looking, exactly the smile I always wanted. I cannot express how wonderful I feel when I smile.

Dr. Hidalgo delivered exactly what I wanted. I love his team as everyone was so caring and took their time with me through the entire process. I will never be able to thank you enough.

I will be recommending Dr. Hidalgo and his professional team to everyone. They are truly artists in their practice of Bioesthetic dentistry."

Carlos M.

"I first visited your office on November 15, 2006, having suffered the loss of 80% of my natural teeth through rough times and hard living. After spending many years embarrassed of my smile and overall condition of my teeth, I found God and started a new life, setting forth to right some wrongs, including the daunting task of fixing my teeth and my smile.

My early experience of dentistry left much to be desired in terms of pain endured and results obtained. I believe that I subconsciously vowed never to cross a dental threshold again unless absolutely imperative. Given my embarrassing loss, I was pleased to discover that my brother had spoken with you regards to my situation and was even more impressed to discover that you would consider taking on such a difficult case, knowing I didn't have insurance and couldn't bear the expense alone. You substantiated the need for a number of extractions and fitted me with provisional partials.

I have visited your office on several occasions throughout the past couple of years. Without reservation I can state that I am truly impressed with not only your level of professionalism, but the level of professionalism exhibited by your team, from the receptionist to your right hand person, as well as the oral surgeon you recommended. I never expected to meet such a remarkable team.To me, you are an artist, a knowledgeable dental professional, and a caring human being rolled into one person. Not only are you unique, you staff your office with competent, friendly staff members who are more than just employees. They truly care about each patient and make sure the patient is comfortable with the experience. They make you feel like part of a family and show empathy in every situation.

Although these words cannot express my true feelings, nor could I ever repay you for what you have done for me, I intend to refer friends and acquaintances seeking dental work to you whenever possible. It may sound ridiculous, but I actually looked forward to my visits. I feel better about the person I am today.



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