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Night guards are most commonly used to prevent symptoms caused by teeth grinding during the night. Teeth grinding can be the result of stress, TMJ or even bad habits and can result in damage to teeth that leads to chipping, cracking or decay as well as migraines.

A night guard is made from the impressions taken of your teeth created to fit snug around the teeth and gums to avoid injury to the teeth while preventing stress on the jaw and face most often brought on by grinding of the teeth. Night guards are small in size and worn directly on the teeth.

An alternate to traditional night guards is the NTI. The NTI is easier to wear because it fits over the front teeth and is smaller than a traditional night guard. The NTI reduces clenching of the jaws by seventy percent.

TMJ, or temporomandibular disorder, can often be controlled during the day but at night you cannot consciously do this while you sleep. TMJ night guards worn on a regular basis while sleeping can often alleviate most pain and discomfort caused by teeth grinding. In addition to the absence of discomfort, you will notice that you will begin to get a better night's sleep. Because TMJ places so much stress on the jaw, head, neck and shoulders, most frequently those with temporomandibular disorder also suffer from persistent headaches and migraines. A night guard can put an end to this cycle by relieving the stress on the jaw and upper body.

In addition to the reduction of pain and discomfort, wearing a full coverage night guard works hand in hand with orthodontic treatments, as night guards are similar to retainers and will keep your teeth from shifting so that they remain straight.

We can fit you for your custom full coverage night guard or NTI in our Plano, TX office in just one appointment and then have it ready for pick up in less than 3 weeks.

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