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Comfort Plus Dentures

Dr. Joseph Hidalgo's skill in designing Comfort Plus dentures means you enjoy a wonderful level of comfort, freedom and confidence with your new denture. His years of experience and meticulous attention to detail may take more time but that is what makes all the difference in the outcome! In fact, Dr. Joseph Hidalgo even creates a training denture which allows you to ‘test drive' your new denture. Your feedback combined with his careful evaluation of this temporary denture enables him to perfect the fit, feel and look before fabricating your final denture.

Almost anyone who needs dentures, especially those who have had problems with ill-fitting or painful dentures owes it to himself to check out Dr. Joseph Hidalgo's new Comfort Plus denture technique. If you are ready for a denture that looks and feels natural, talk with Dr. Joseph Hidalgo about a new custom designed "Comfort Plus" denture.

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